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Stödstrumpor-Dam-Bomul- 3-pack-Flawless-Walk-Peony.jpg
Stödstrumpor-Dam-Bomul- 3-pack-Flawless-Walk-Peony.jpg

Flawless Walk Flawless Compression Socks Box Peony 3-pairs



  • Stödstrumpor-Dam-Bomul- 3-pack-Flawless-Walk-Peony.jpg
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Flawless Walk






Support socks from Flawless Walk in beautiful floral patterns, packed 3 pairs in a nice box that fits perfectly as gift packaging or for reuse. The support socks suit you with tired, swollen or sore legs and give you increased blood circulation. Thanks to a graded pressure in compression class 1 (15-21mmHg) which is strongest at the ankle and then decreases upwards, the blood flow in the legs is promoted. This can both relieve and prevent that tired, heavy feeling that can often occur after a long day of standing still or sitting still. You get a more alert feeling in the legs and an increased well-being in everyday life with these comfortable support socks. Suitable both for work, leisure, as flight socks when you travel or for you who are pregnant. The support stockings also prevent and relieve varicose veins because the compression prevents the veins from dilating. Designed in Sweden and made in Portugal, in beautiful floral patterns that match the cardboard box. The support socks are OEKO-TEX® 100-certified, which means that the support socks are produced in a safe way that does not cause allergic problems or other health problems. Designed with an extra flat and soft toe seam to minimize discomfort and provide comfort. Size guide: To get the right size and intended compression effect, you should start from the circumference of the calf and ankle in the first place. To already take on what you have for measurements, take a measuring tape and measure your bet where it is widest and ankle where it is narrowest. It is recommended to take the measurements immediately in the morning before you get up to get as accurate a measurement as possible. Then see the dimension table on a separate image that belongs to the product. Compression class 1 (15-22mmHg) Material: 50% cotton 35% polyamide 15% elastane