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Compression socks

Compression socks are specialized socks that are design to prevent venous disorders, swollen legs and feet – and at the same time increase the blood circulation. Which gives you, your legs and feet a better and more relaxed feeling all day.

How can compressions socks help me?

Blood in our veins has to constantly fight against gravity to flow back to the heart and sometimes there are factors that can impede that flow such as lack of circulation, weight issues, weak veins in the back of your legs. An accumulation of lymph fluid is what causes swelling in your lower limbs.

You can use compressions socks for a variety of reasons, compressions socks have been known for being used as "travelsocks". The reason is that they are perfect for long travels, such as long flights because they minimize the risk for blood clots. And prevent the tired feeling in the legs, that are common.

Since the socks compression increase blood circulation and contract swelling of the legs and feet.

Size guide for compression socks - find the size that suits you

When choosing the size of your compression socks, you need to know what your ankle measurement and your calf measurement and your shoe size. Use a measuring tape to measure your ankle and your calf. Take the measurements immediately when you wake up in the morning before your legs have swollen. Measure the ankle where it is the narrowest and the calf where it´s the widest. It is important to get the correct measurements for the compression of the support socks to be correct. The different measurements determents which size that suits you.